Potbellies (Now known as Lee Tai Fu)

There are some streets in Singapore that are stacked with restaurants and the same is true with Kim Tian Road. Situated in Tiong Bahru, is a small restaurant called Potbellies that will transport you to the ’70s with its decor and ambiance. The name was intriguing and my doubts about the food were put to rest when I read their menu and came across the story behind the fascinating name. The place was filled with loads of heart, right from the salt ‘n’ pepper shakers, to the owner who personally attended to us promptly. Some things that interested me are what I have captured in the picture.

Potbellies decor
Potbellies decor

The Orders
To set the tempo for a good meal, we ordered the Soup of the Day which happened to be the ‘Tomato Soup’. The soup comes in a small portion and is sufficient only for a single person. We were not that bowled over by the soup as it lacked seasoning and was quite thin.

Tomato soup
Tomato soup at $3

For the mains, we went for the ‘Vegetarian Burrito’ which definitely made up for the disappointing soup course. The burrito was huge and had a good combination of beans, veg, cheese and rice. The rice was well-seasoned and every bite was filled with a burst of taste. It is served with some tortilla chips and salsa on the side.

Veg burrito
Veg burrito at $16

Next we ordered the ‘Vegetarian Quesadilla’ which was filled with loads of cheese and vegetables. All their dishes were generous with cheese and you have to forget counting calories at this place. On the whole, the taste of the dish was good and came with the same sides as the burrito. Personally, I preferred the burrito.

Veg quesadilla
Veg quesadilla at $16

When you forget your waistline for sometime, it is imperative to try the desserts without any guilt. So we decided to go for the ‘Classic Breakfast Waffle’ which was delicious. Filled with a layer of butter between crunchy waffles and a scoop of ice cream on the top, this dessert just melted in the mouth.

Classic breakfast waffle
Classic breakfast waffle at $10

On the owner’s recommendation, we decided to try the ‘Pistachio Crunch’ which was extremely tasty. It had a crunchy base with a chocolate drizzle on it along with a large scoop of ice cream. The dessert course was a befitting end to this warm place.

Pistachio crunch
Pistachio crunch at $10

They also have deals going on for kids and birthday month promos. The service was very nice and we were well attended to by the owner who also told us that this restaurant was opened by the earlier Heart of House management. Water is available on self-service basis. For a nice evening with family and friends in an old-world charm atmosphere, for good food without wanting to watch that weight, Potbellies is worth a visit.

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: European, Italian, Western ★★★
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru
Address:16 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169251
Timings: Tue-Sun: 3 pm-11.30 pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LeeTaiFuSingapore

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