Amber Ember – All Day Breakfast Cafe at Upper Serangoon Rood

Amber Ember – All Day Breakfast Cafe at Upper Serangoon Rood

Situated smack in the middle between Serangoon and Kovan is Amber Ember, a cozy and well-lit café serving all-day breakfast options. The name of the café caught my interest and I noticed that they had limited, but very interesting vegetarian options on their menu. The café is spacious with an inviting vibe and has tables of various sizes including a long communal table. The café was frequented by regular patrons and seemed to be popular in the area.

They have two food menus, for day and night. The day food menu has more vegetarian options and hence its better to visit during brunch time.

Sichuan Mala Tater Tots at Amber Ember cafe
Sichuan Mala Tater Tots at $13

We ordered the Sichuan Mala Tater Tots which were an instant pick from the menu. The crispy potatoes mixed with a flavorful and numbing spice mix served as a classic Asian fusion mix to the regular tater tots. The mala mayo on the side adds to the spice level.

Grilled cheese sandwich at Amber Ember cafe
Grilled Cheese Sandwich at $17

No matter the hour, a grilled cheese sandwich hits the right note on crave-worthiness. Grilled to perfection with sourdough bread, this sandwich consisted of mozzarella, cheddar and blue cheese mayo. The tomato dip on the side was a perfectly acidic and balanced accompaniment to dip the sandwich gently and enjoy the crunch of the bread.

Strawberryade at Amber Ember Cafe
Strawberry-ade at $7

When the temperatures go up, you need this refreshing drink with ice, strawberry and sparkling water to be an effective thirst quencher.

Pistachio Rose Waffle at Amber Ember Cafe
Pistachio Rose Waffle at $18

To begin with, I had never tasted waffles with yogurt before and was keen to try this item from their menu. This dish consisted of seasonal berries, pistachios, whipped yogurt cream drizzled on a bed of rose syrup. The flavors went well together and the dish was not very sweet, definitely worth trying if you are fan of the aforementioned ingredients.

If you are looking for some different all day breakfast options and are in the area, then Amber Ember is a good place to visit.

In a NutshellDeelightful Rating
Nearest MRT: Kovan★★★1/2
Cuisine Type: All Day Breakfast
Address: 730 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-01, S534613
Timings: Thu-Tues: 10 AM – 5 PM; Fri-Sat: 6 PM – 10 PM

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