Bread Uttappam

Breakfast is a meal which needs to be quick, hassle-free and generally involve less prep work. This recipe fits those qualities to a T.

Recipe for Bread Uttappam

Serves: 4
1 cup sooji (Also known as rava)
¾ cup yogurt, if readymade Greek yogurt. If homemade curd then 1 cup
½ cup finely sliced onions
½ cup fine grated carrot
½ cup finely chopped bell pepper
¼ cup water
3-4 finely cut chillies
Red chilly powder [optional]
Coriander powder
A little butter
Salt to taste


  • In a bowl, mix the sooji and curd together such that all the curd is absorbed by the sooji
  • Add chopped onions, bell peppers, carrots, salt, coriander powder and red chilly powder and make a loose mixture
  • Add water in stages and mix until the consistency of the mixture feels like a batter/ spread. Don’t add the entire amount of water in one stage as it might over hydrate the batter
  • Take a slice of bread and apply the batter on it evenly
  • Heat the tawa on low flame and dab a bit of butter on the pan as a lubricant
  • Place the bread on the tawa batter side down. In about 30 seconds, flip the bread. The batter would have turned golden brown and crisp. Crisp the other side as well
  • This serves well for breakfast or as a  snack with a little ketchup on the side

Tips :

  • You can always make the batter a day earlier and refrigerate it and avoid the prep time on a working day
  •  Bear in mind that sooji thickness varies across brands – add water carefully
  •  Coriander on the top of the bread post cooking serves as a great garnish
  • In case of extra batter that remains, add a little more water to it and make sooji mini-uttappams in the same manner as dosas

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