Noshery by Nosh – Rochester Park [Permanently Closed]

The upscale restaurant Nosh has been around for years in the quiet enclave of Rochester Park. The more casual version of this restaurant is the relatively new space, Noshery which is a cafe by day and a bar by night. With this extension, Nosh has embraced the all-day dining concept. The cafe is an idyllic getaway that’s reminiscent of a cabin in a hill station. Decked out in wood, greenery seems to be the theme of this cafe – from wall motifs to the potted plants adorning the tables. I like this kind of setting for a weekend brunch as it enables an intimate dining conversation. The view from our table was this outdoor patio that gave a sense of instant calm. This space would also be perfect for small private events.

Noshery by Nosh
Noshery by Nosh

The Orders
If you go for a brunch, make the calories count! And so we ordered the ‘French Fries’ to start the meal. The portion size was huge and that was a welcome sight when the dish of fries was placed on the table. These fries were long and thin and had a crispy texture. The thick ketchup on the side went well with the fries.

French fries
French fries at $5

I love ordering salads if I can visualize them to be colorful. The description on the menu helps me to determine if my interest is sufficiently piqued to try it. I chose the ‘Pesto Salad’ in the same manner. The salad was simple just with four ingredients – tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, mozzarella and pesto. The simplicity turned out to be the best part as the generous use of pesto brought all the ingredients together and made it a very tasty dish. The quality of the ingredients was top-notch. Highly recommended.
Pesto Salad
Pesto Salad at $12

My husband ordered the ‘Shakshouka’ which is a Middle Eastern dish. Tomatoes are the backbone of shakshouka and the only common thing across variations of this dish. The peppers had a touch of crunch and the onions were soft and folded wonderfully into the sauce. The eggs were correctly soft cooked and the yolks added a touch of richness. The only disappointing parts of the dish were the eggplant fritters. Thankfully, they are served separately and don’t affect the dish itself.
Shakshouka at $19

Thirst quenchers are always welcome to beat the humidity of Singapore. I found the mention of ‘Yellow Watermelon Juice’ to be intriguing. To begin with, it tastes quite different from the red watermelon. This juice was refreshing but had a bitter note at the end, maybe because of the rind. So as the juice came to room temperature, the bitterness was more pronounced. Hence I have mixed feelings about the juice – refreshing but not instantly appealing.
Yellow watermelon juice
Yellow watermelon juice

With its scenic locale and eclectic mix of delicious food, Noshery is a lovely hideout. Its ideal for midday catch-ups and a good conversation. Head there for this long weekend maybe? On that note, wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for reading this blog filled with vegetarian rants and also patiently waiting for new posts.

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Western ★★★1/2
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista
Address: 9 Rochester Park, Singapore 139220
Timings: Tue-Fri: 11.30am – 4pm ; Sat-Sun: 10.30am – 6pm

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  1. The shakshuka looks so yummy Deepa! I would have gone for the yellow watermelon drink too- it sounds so intriguing…so disappointing that it looks better than it tastes 😦
    Happy new year to you!

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