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Last week I received an invite from Maulshri to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour. Maulshri has a lovely blog named “joie De vivre” and her recipes live up to her blog’s name. I really like the dessert recipes that she spins off and plan to try one of her recipes soon. Thanks for inviting me to participate in the writing process series.
Writing process
For those who are unfamiliar with how the blog tour works, I answer a set of questions about my writing process and then introduce three other bloggers who will answer the same set of questions next week. Each of them would also introduce a set of three bloggers for the following week, and so on. On that note, let me answer some simple questions which focus more on the thought process behind writing a food blog. My blog is an outcome of sharing my thoughts as a foodie to a larger audience. I was a foodie from the start but I started cooking from scratch about two years ago. I also love to try out new restaurants and share my two cents of wisdom on them.
What am I working on?
Right now I am focused on trying out ingredients that I have never worked with before. So I end up staring at a shelf on the grocery store, reading the labels on different items and trying to imagine how flavours blend with each other. If I come across a new ingredient that I have not heard of or tasted before, I come home and read about its properties on the internet and think on how to use them in my dishes. So I would like to term myself as a student who is learning something fascinating about food everyday in some form or another.
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I cannot confirm on the extent to which I differ from other food blogs radically. The uniqueness that I try to bring into my cooking is that I consistently break the monotony in cooking by trying out different ingredient combinations. All the recipes that I have posted on this blog have been tried by me for the first time in my cooking life. By that I mean, I have never eaten these recipes before in my childhood or at someone’s place. So the dish becomes that much more interesting to try out as I become extremely passionate while preparing it in order to get a delicious result.
How does your writing process work?
In terms of the recipes since I have cooked it first hand, I can write about it easily. My thoughts are crystal clear on the process that I followed and it is just a matter of typing it out. I do try to share a bit of my mind space at that moment which is important to me – it could typically be that I wanted a colourful dish or that I wanted to bake. I do not share my thoughts on food because I have to churn out posts at periodic intervals. I write only when I want to and since I love food and writing, the posts turn out to be a nice blend of a variety of ingredients. In terms of restaurant reviews, I am as honest to the meal experience that I can possibly be and I had the penchant to try out different restaurants way before I even started cooking or writing a food blog.
Now I nominate 5 people for this writing process tour ( I am increasing the number from 3 to 5) as it will be interesting to read their approaches towards their writing. I also tried to check and have not nominated the blogs who have already taken part in this process but there are quite a few of them whom I just love reading and have encouraged me in my blogging journey.

    1) Priya from http://sugarfreesweetheart.com/: She writes a host of diabetic friendly recipes and her blog name is very interesting. To add to that, her method of writing on the cooking process is diagrammatic which is quite different.
    2) Sridevi from http://coconutcraze.wordpress.com/: Her recipes have generally been something that I have not tried or tasted before. Also she gives an interesting background on the recipes by sharing some Kerala memories.
    3) Shruti from http://cookingdiarybyshruti.wordpress.com/: Her chirpy nature exudes on her blog. I like the interesting quotes that she adds in between which would kind of be similar to writing in a diary.
    4) Aruna from http://aahaaram.wordpress.com/: I visit her blog regularly and she dishes out interesting South Indian and Mumbai specialty dishes that I like to read. Coincidentally I identify with both these cuisines as I am a South Indian born and brought up in Mumbai till I moved to Singapore.
    5) Namrata from http://myfoodtapestry.wordpress.com/: I find her presentation to be interesting and her recipes are simple and easy to relate to that they are always a pleasant read.

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