Sunshine Award

Since I started blogging about food, I have come to realize the food blogging community has its awards season. The unique aspect though is they run throughout the year. It is nice when bloggers from different parts of the world chance upon your blog and find it to be an interesting read. It did come as a pleasant surprise to me when I was nominated by Manasa for the Sunshine Award . Manasa has a lovely collection of vegetarian recipes on her blog (which is a deelight to read!).
This award is specially given to those bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. It feels nice to be considered as a part of that list by my fellow bloggers. I have been asked to nominate ten bloggers whom I consider to be such inspirations to join in the list. This was hard (there are so many good blogs out there!) – but here goes…(I did my basic check and shortlisted blogs that have not featured this award on their blogs)

The rules of the award are:
1) Display the award on your blog.
2) Show your gratitude and link back to the person who nominates you with the award.
3) Nominate 10 of your favorite deserving bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.
4) Link the nominees in your post and let them know they have been awarded.
5) Write 10 interesting things about yourself.

The 10 interesting things about me are: (I am going to limit this to the food perspective)

1. I am a planned and organized person – and that percolates into my cooking as well.
2. I neither like bananas nor dark chocolate.
3. I love trying out different cuisines and hence like to travel to different parts in the world.
4. I like to visit different restaurants in order to try their varied offerings.
5. I like to experiment with different flavour profiles with respect to food ingredients.
6. I cannot handle very spicy food.
7. I like to browse on different types of cutlery.
8. I like to read on food photography.
9. I like to cook along with some music playing in the background.
10. Last but not the least, I am a total foodie and love to eat!

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