Kaiserhaus – Capitol Piazza [Permanently Closed]

Imagine a restaurant menu resembling the beginning of a ‘Game of Thrones’ episode where each region is introduced in all its glory. That is exactly how Kaiserhaus describes the Habsburg Empire and its cuisine. Opened in the renovated Capitol Piazza, this restaurant dishes out authentic Austrian and Hungarian cuisine. Yes, now that is something unique in the Singapore food scene! The elevator is slightly out of the way and it opens into a spiral staircase that will instantly make you feel royal while climbing down. You are welcomed to the restaurant with some pleasant live music.

Kaiserhaus decor
Kaiserhaus decor

The Orders
Let me start by saying that the menu has immense clarity in the explanation of every dish. For starters, we ordered the ‘Goat Cheese Salad’ to get a taste of the fresh ingredients. The goat cheese was of high quality and the seasonal lettuce, cucumber, shallots and lettuce balanced the dish well. But the stars of this dish were the marinated beetroot slices that greatly enhanced this salad.

Goat cheese salad
Goat cheese salad at $17

As a side dish, we ordered the ‘Crispy Roasted Potatoes’ which resembled a disintegrated Rosti. They were crispy, roasted in butter and were gobbled in no time.

Crispy roasted potatoes
Crispy roasted potatoes at $7

There are fewer options for vegetarians in the main course. But, trying out the vegetarian options in a new cuisine is part of what makes me a passionate foodie. We ordered the ‘Lecsó’ which is a Hungarian Paprika Stew. These are basically bread dumplings served on a mushy and tangy stew made primarily of chunky red bell pepper slices. The stew was lacking in balance and I had to add quite a bit of salt and black pepper to get any form of taste going in the stew. If they fix this, this stew can turn out to be pretty comforting.

Lecsó at $19

Next we tried the ‘Spinach Spaetzle’ which was the pasta offering. Once again, the dish was lacking in balance. The caramelized onions used for garnish were overpoweringly sweet and permeated the entire dish. It took salt, pepper, and some tabasco before I arrived at a taste I liked.

Spinach spaetzle
Spinach spaetzle at $22

The dessert course was the star of the entire meal. Along with the options mentioned on the menu, they have a very good display of sweet treats on the counter. They have partnered with renowned Austrian patisserie, Zauner. We tried the ‘Zaunerstollen’ which is a nougat praline mixture with wafers, hazelnuts and chocolate. It has a nice crunch to balance the smoothness. This is recommended.

Zaunerstollen at $5

Since the dessert counter was irresistible in its options, we ordered the ‘Chocolate Raspberry Cake’ which was divine. The cake was nicely moist and this was a winning combination all the way.

Chocolate raspberry cake
Chocolate raspberry cake slice at $8

Overall, they can improve on their vegetarian main course offerings. They have a $28 for two high tea deal which should be worth exploring as their desserts are pretty good. For an attempt in the direction of new cuisine offerings, for the ample seating space with good decor, for its central location and for their desserts, Kaiserhaus is worth a visit.

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: European ★★★
Nearest MRT: City Hall
Address: Capitol Singapore, 17 Stamford Road, #02-06 and #03-06, Singapore 178907
Timings: Sun-Thu: 10.30am – 12am ; Fri-Sat: 10.30am – 1am
Website: http://kaiserhaus.sg/

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