Third and Sixth Bistro

Situated in Seah Street , this restaurant is a hidden gem. Named after its unit number – 36, Third and Sixth Bistro is the perfect place to unwind with friends after a busy day. One of the first things I noticed was that they were playing the hits of the 90’s and I was almost instantly humming along to the tunes. The tables are large (and broad) with long bench styler seats. Since we had reserved in advance, we were immediately attended to. The staff remembered that I had specifically mentioned egg less mains for me during my phone enquiry for a reservation. That attention to detail has stayed with me. For those who have not figured out yet, I eat eggs when it is used as an ingredient in desserts or bakery items and do not consume it in other forms. The menu instantly appealed to me because of the interesting names and clear descriptions about the ingredients of every dish on the menu.

The Orders
Burgers are famous at this joint and we went for ‘Fungus Among Us’. The patty is replaced with two grilled Portobello mushrooms. Mushroom lovers can have a go at it along with the option of fries or wedges as the sides.

Fungus among us
Fungus among us at $17

Labelled under ‘Sinless Grub’, ‘Stan Winston’s Head’ struck a chord with me. It had an interesting combination of butternut pumpkin and soy beancurd wrapped in a tortilla. The wrap was delicious and I was intrigued by how completely filling and non-messy it turned out to be. Chips come as crunchy sides to the wrap.

Stan Winston's head
Stan Winston’s head at $9

The other dish that we tried was the ‘TM’n’T’ which is their vegetarian pasta offering. There was nothing unique about the aglio olio pasta and it could have done with some more seasoning.
TM’n’T @ $12

They also have a Soup of the Day. The day we went, it was ‘Potato Soup’. I tried it on a whim – and was very happy that I did. They also offer quite a few ‘Happy Hour’ promotions. The environment exudes camaraderie as it was clearly visible that it was started by three friends who are passionate about their joint. The place has a chill-out ambiance and a kind of instant appeal that makes you want to linger at your table long after the meal is done. Well worth a visit for an evening’s relaxation with some music and friends.

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Burgers, Pasta and Wraps ★★★1/2
Nearest MRT: City Hall
Address: 36 Seah Street, Singapore 188392
Timings: Refer their Facebook page mentioned below

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