Nukkad Restaurant and Panchtantra Breakfast menu launch – Syed Alwi Road [Permanently Closed]

A ‘Nukkad’ in Hindi is a street corner where people generally hang out and talk about their daily life. In the modern times, it also loosely and conveniently translates into a grab-on-the-go concept that is ideal for takeaways. At a stone’s throw from Mustafa, is the newly opened Nukkad, a flagship restaurant of the Panchtantra group, serving Indian drinks and desserts on Syed Alwi Road. Those of us who have grown up in India will identify with the fact that we typically have a craving for a late night dessert binge in the form of chuskis (golas), milkshakes and lassis. Now imagine finding all of them at a convenient location after the exhausting exercise of weekly grocery shopping at Mustafa! A quick glance at their menu will show that all the favourite flavours that go in these items are present to bring a wave of nostalgia. They have also launched a new breakfast menu in the main Panchtantra restaurant which will also be covered in the latter part of this blog post.

Nukkad menu

Nukkad menu

Nukkad – The Orders

As the days get hotter, it’s best to pamper yourself with a refreshing drink. With the season of mangoes around, we decided to try the milkshake made with the king of fruits – ‘Mango Magic’. Without an iota of doubt, I can say that Alphonso mangoes are superior in their sweetness, richness and flavour. They are best suited to be used as an ingredient in a milkshake that also acts as a filling dessert. This drink was filled with the creamy and slightly heavy texture of delicious mangoes. Interspersed in the shake were a small quantity of chocolate chips which act as a nice twist. Do not miss this if you are a fan of Indian mangoes.

Mango Magic and Badam Tutti Frutti

Mango Magic and Badam Tutti Fruity

Another drink absolutely worth trying is the ‘Badam Tutti Frutti Milkshake’. This delicious summer cooler is loaded with the goodness of almonds and pistachios. It acts as the perfect refreshment since it’s extremely light in texture which makes it as easy to drink as buttermilk. A single sip of this well-made drink and you don’t feel like keeping the glass down – highly recommended.
Chuski is an ice lolly made up of crushed ice and flavored with various syrups like rose, khus, orange, strawberry or the famous kala khatta. It is also known as gola and is a vivid memory of my childhood in India. Nukkad gives you the option to mix upto four flavours of these syrups and customize your chuski. We tried the recommended combination of ‘Rose and Khus’ which was topped off with a slight sprinkle of chaat masala and it was an enjoyable experience. Khus is a fragrant, cooling herb with a woody aroma but is not overpowering like sandalwood. It goes well in sherbets and ice lollies and quite interesting to try as an unique option.
Two in one chuski

Two in one chuski at $4.5

Panchtantra Breakfast – The Orders
With an endeavor to make your mornings special, Panchtantra have launched their breakfast menu which will be available from 7.30-10.30 am everyday. These items will act as useful vegetarian options for Indian tourists who mostly stay in the area or seek to pack something and take while they are visiting attractions in Singapore. They have poha, upma, kachori, samosa and kulche as the main items in their breakfast menu.

We tried their ‘Chole Kulche’ which is a loved street food in North India. The chickpeas are made with an authentic Punjabi taste and traditional spices – and they are delicious! The kulche are made in a traditional oven, topped off with a generous amount of butter and best when eaten hot. You can opt for no butter, if you want. This item is extremely filling since two kulchas are served in one plate.

Chole Kulcha

Chole Kulcha

Kachoris are crusty, flaky deep-fried snacks that are popular as street food. We ordered the Aloo Kachori and this version had a spicy and tangy potato masala inside that will remind you of the aloo sabzi that you eat with pooris. The presentation of the dish was top-notch – spiralized onions, a sprig of coriander and the outer lining with dots of tamarind and dates chutney. Eat a little of everything in one bite to fully enjoy the dish.
Aloo Kachori

Aloo Kachori

For their new concept of a Indian drinks and desserts bar, for their chuskis and their convenient location, drop by this Nukkad and catch up on stories with your family and friends.

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Indian ★★★1/2
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
Address: 83 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207662
Timings: Mon-Sun: 7.30am – 11.30pm

Indline.Sg – Keong Saik Road

The bustling street of Keong Saik Road is filled with restaurants and cafes. It was a pleasant change to see a quick service Indian restaurant called Indline.Sg open their doors on this food street. They dish out lunch sets, takeaways and timed food delivery (via Foodpanda). It helps immensely that the head chef is an Indian as it lends authenticity to the food. The decor was colorful and interesting sketches are painted across the walls giving it a cool vibe. The music on their website might just surprise you – it took me back to 80’s – 90’s Hindi film music era.

Indline decor

Indline decor

It is always interesting to see the variety of dishes in an Indian food menu. Indline did not disappoint in this respect. The dishes are neatly priced making it a total value for money.
Indline menu

Indline menu

The Orders
Pakodas and Bhajis typically are the most liked Indian food starters. Though we were tempted to try it, we ordered the ‘Masala Potato Wedges’ to tantalize our taste buds. The Indian spices hit the right note in this snack and it was an enjoyable starter.

Masala potato wedges

Masala potato wedges at $4

Since we went for dinner, there were no set meals. We had to individually choose the items and make our own quick meal. Cottage cheese/ Paneer curries are generally worth a try in a new restaurant. We ordered ‘Paneer Makhani’ which is basically cottage cheese cubes cooked in a creamy gravy. The gravy was very tasty and the dish is worth ordering. The Kachumbar (salad) was fresh and the vegetables were finely chopped. The Tandoori Rotis reinforced the Indian feel of the dish. Personally, it reminded me of being closer to a ‘dhaba’ version. The quantity was sufficient for 2 pax.

Paneer Makhani with Garlic Naan, Tandoori Roti and Kachumbar

Paneer Makhani with Garlic Naan, Tandoori Roti and Kachumbar

The next combination that we customized as a meal consisted of ‘Pudina Lachcha Paratha’ which is a shallow fried layered bread with chopped mint. In a Lachcha Paratha, you should be able to see the layers neatly stacked and rolled which was visible here. To pair along with this, ‘Dal Tadka’ and ‘Aloo Methi’ were ordered. The Dal was wholesome and delicious to have just on its own. The Aloo Methi could have been better as the potatoes were a bit under-cooked.
Pudina Lachcha Paratha with Aloo Methi Dry and Dal Tadka

Pudina Lachcha Paratha with Aloo Methi Dry and Dal Tadka

For desserts, don’t miss the ‘Kulfi’ which was sweet joy on a stick. As it melts fast, it is better to focus on eating it than clicking a pic which is what happened with me 🙂 They are also launching ‘Rabdi’ as part of their Deepavali dessert dishes which should be interesting as well. I definitely plan to visit them again to try their rice dishes and desserts. For their wallet-friendly prices, authentic and good Indian cuisine, hassle-free service, Indline.Sg is definitely worth a visit!

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Indian ★★★1/2
Nearest MRT: Outram Park
Address: 28 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089135
Timings: Mon-Sat: 11.30am – 11pm

Carrot Kulfi

For as long as I remember, I’ve had a sweet tooth. Supermarkets here typically contain ice cream tubs, pastries and cakes. If I want to satiate my craving for Indian desserts, I have to make it at home. And thus began my first attempt at kulfi! Kulfis are a type of ice cream from India which are conical in shape and served on a stick. Since I did not have sticks at home, I decided to use a muffin tray to get a round shape and serve it in a bowl. The visual representation is different from the usual kulfi – but the taste and the feeling of eating a kulfi turned out to be just the same. Ever since I made Carrot Kheer , I’ve wanted to continue using carrots in desserts. Carrots enhance the rich texture required in kulfis. I was also happy with the colour that I got – it reminded me of the golden yellow colour of alphonso/hapus mangoes. Everyone at home loved the dish and that made me really happy.

Recipe Details :
Makes: 1 muffin tray
Time: 60 mins
Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients :

  • 3 medium carrots
  • 3 cups milk
  • 5-6 saffron threads
  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • 1 can unsweetened condensed milk
  • 8-10 pistachios (optional)

Carrot kulfi

Carrot kulfi


  • Soak the almonds in warm water for 30 mins and peel off the skin.
  • Wash and peel the carrots. Cut them into rounds.
  • Cook the carrots and almonds together on a medium flame. Once they become soft, switch off the flame. Let it rest for around 15 mins at room temperature.
  • Now pulse the cooled almonds and carrot mixture in a blender into a purée.
  • Take the milk in a vessel and bring it to a boil. Add saffron threads into the boiling milk. Then add the blended mixture into the milk and keep stirring.
  • Once the milk has almost reduced to half, add in the condensed milk. Stir well and let the whole mixture remain on the flame for 5 more mins.
  • Finally switch off the flame and let the whole mixture rest in room temperature for 20 mins.
  • Now pour the kulfi mixture into the muffin tray and keep it in the freezer for around 4-6 hrs. Before serving, keep it out for some time so that you are able to removed the hardened ice mold easily. Enjoy this delicious carrot and almond kulfi which will make you want to eat more.


  • Keep stirring the mixture when it is on the heat. You don’t want the milk to scald and stick the the bottom of the vessel.
  • Let the mixture come to room temperature before pouring into moulds and freezing.
  • You can cover the top of the muffin tray with plastic wrap while it is setting to avoid “skin” formation on the surface of the kulfi.