Fresh Fruits Lab – Kembangan

Nestled in the calm neighborhood of Kembangan is a fun cafe called Fresh Fruits Lab, a laboratory themed joint serving Western cuisine with a fruity twist. And yes, it is as exotic as it sounds – science themed decor with burettes, pipettes, magnifying glasses to read the menu, test tubes and colorful diagrams! We went for a weekend brunch and the restaurant was full! It definitely looks like they have regular customers. They have high tea, a la carte, brunch and even supper menus. It is around a 10 min walk from the MRT but the different dining experience made the travel worthwhile. Also worth mentioning is their periodic table drawn with symbols of fruits which was very innovative and unique.

Fresh fruits lab

Fresh fruits lab

FFL periodic table

FFL periodic table

The Orders
To begin with, they serve complimentary juices filled in test tubes. This helps you try out different flavours and then order according to your preference. Water is served in beakers and juices in conical flasks and thus they stay consistent to their theme.

Welcome drink

Welcome drink

For me, tomato soup is a familiar and beloved comfort food. FFL offers the ‘Roasted Roma Soup’ which is a herbed stew made with Roma tomatoes, zucchini and croutons. The colour was dark and looked like a thicker version of homemade pasta sauce but the taste was good. There was slight sweetness in the soup which was nice.

Roasted Roma soup

Roasted Roma soup at $8

Brunch and pancakes go hand-in-hand. The ‘Fruity Berries’ pancake was fluffy and moist made from a seasonal berry batter. It also had apple compote and strawberries drizzled with maple syrup. The fruity twist along with sizable portions made it a good order.
Fruity berries pancakes

Fruity berries pancakes at $11

For brunch, a ‘Frittata’ works as a ready-to-go egg dish that is somewhere between a quiche and omelette. The folding and flipping technique in the dish made with eggs, potatoes and mushrooms was done in a compact manner. It was served with fruity salad and toasted multigrain buns. Highly recommended. (if you eat eggs)

Frittata at $15

For a refreshing feel, try any of the fruit juices or sodas from their beverage section. The notable ones are ‘Strawberry Soda’ and Three to Tango which were rightly marked as the Lab Bestsellers. They were bursting with flavour and topped off with real fruits.
Strawberry soda

Strawberry soda at $6

We ordered the ‘Lychee Cake’ to try a unique dessert. The layers were drenched with lychee syrup and it became a sugar overload after a few bits. The texture was almost like a marshmallow and it was a bit too sweet for my liking. They have many cakes on their display counter, so maybe I’ll try something else the next time.
Lychee cake

Lychee cake at $6.5

For the vegetarians, there are some more soup and salad options. The staff are friendly and attend to your needs immediately. They also have ongoing lunch promotions with a menu change every fortnight. For a different dining experience, for chilling out on the weekends, for striking a chemistry with your special someone and for its good food, FFL is worth a visit.

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Western ★★★1/2
Nearest MRT: Kembangan
Address: 351 Changi Road, Lor Mazuki, Singapore 419818
Timings: Tue-Thu: 11am – 10pm ; Fri: 11am – 11pm ; Sat: 10am – 11pm ; Sun: 10am – 10pm

Madame Patisserie – Boat Quay outlet

We were a bunch of friends strolling by the river searching for dessert, and that’s how we found this place is how I would like to describe this France inspired bistro. Situated in Boat Quay, is a small and cozy café called Madame Patisserie which stood out thanks to its styling and theme. This joint has both indoor and outdoor seating. We sat on the white sofa placed on the porch and had a nice view of the river. We were attended to by the smiling staff immediately, and were handed the well designed menus. The logo also had the regal silhouette of a lady on it which caught my attention.

Madame Patisserie logo

Madame Patisserie logo

We were also promptly informed that additional items not present on the menu were displayed on the counter and we could place our order from there as well. Since we went there post dinner, our appetite was limited. The items mentioned on their traditional menu are a bit pricey but the quantity can easily be shared by two people, hence it evens out. When I went to the display counter, I found their high tea set to be a visual treat.

Madame Patisserie high tea set

Madame Patisserie high tea set

The Orders
More often than not, ‘Brownie with Ice cream’ forms a part of my dessert order and we ended up ordering it. The brownie was nicely moist and the ice cream provided along with it was a large scoop. Needless to say, we were not disappointed.

Brownie with ice cream

Brownie with ice cream at $7

We are always fans of ‘Tiramisu’ and that formed our next order. The coffee and chocolate flavors blended beautifully and it was extremely tasty. It was a sizable portion and it had alphabets on it which made for an interesting visual.


Tiramisu at $7

As the desserts started appearing, we went for ‘Churros with Hot Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Cream’ which was great to munch on. It tastes best when eaten hot, so ensure that you gobble it soon. The cutlery was perfect for the dish.


Churros at $16

For a deviation from chocolate, we ordered the ‘Pistachio Creme brulée with citrus tuile’ which was …quite different. You have to be prepared for a strong pistachio flavour as that is the main ingredient of the dish. The nuts added a crunchy texture to the caramelized top and the layers were soft inside.

Pistachio creme brulee

Pistachio creme brulee at $16

Finally we went for the ‘Loaf Cake’ which was a big slab indeed. It tasted nice and had a center that had mashed berries – almost like a jam in texture. The crust of the loaf had a nice texture and had a freshly baked feel to it.
Loaf cake

Loaf cake at $6.5

We also got to know that they have some set lunches and high tea sets which might be useful for those in the CBD area. They pretty much make all their breads, scones, jams etc. in-house from scratch which gives the place an authentic feel of a patisserie. For the ambiance, dessert varieties, delicious taste, hanging out with friends and family, Madame Patisserie is totally worth a bow – I mean a visit! On that note, Happy Women’s Day to all you wonderful ladies out there.

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Cafe, Desserts ★★★★
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place
Address:76 Boat Quay #01-76, Singapore 049864
Timings: Mon-Sat: 8 am-11 pm ; Sun: 8 am-8 pm