Pasarbella – Suntec City

Far from their distant location of Grandstand, Pasarbella has opened their second gourmet food market at Suntec City. Conveniently located near Promenade MRT, this place lights up in the evening with a huge signboard that you just can’t miss. Across a sprawling 7000 sq ft, 15 gourmet stalls wait to serve you their best dishes. The decor is industrial-chic meets food-court with ample seating.

Pasarbella @Suntec

Pasarbella @Suntec

The Orders
Since we scouted for vegetarian options, I am sharing the stalls in which I managed to find them conveniently.

1. Grillo
Grillo is a Japanese Yakitori stall specializing in skewers along with their house-blended sauces. To begin with, I ordered the ‘Sweet Potato Fries’ as the starter. The fries were appropriately crunchy and salted and you can take a chilli dip as the side.

Grillo stall

Grillo stall

Sweet potato fries grillo

Sweet potato fries at $3.50

If you are looking for a delish bowl of rice, then this ‘Garlic Tofu Bowl’ fits the bill. First ensure that you like the ingredients and the taste of garlic is not overwhelming. The ‘Zucchini Skewers’ on top were crunchy and went with the soy-sauce drizzled rice. I would have liked a bit more veggies to balance the rice in the dish.
Garlic Tofu Bowl

Garlic Tofu Bowl at $10.90

2. Pimp My Salad
I have a weakness for salad stalls brimming with fresh ingredients. ‘Pimp My Salad’ does not disappoint with its options. A neat ordering form is provided where you can mark your choices and customize your own salad. With glee, I filled the checklist and created my salad carefully choosing the ingredients. They also have their signature salads with interesting combinations.

Pimp my salad stall

Pimp my salad stall

Salad ordering

Salad ordering form

If you are a fan of healthy eating and enjoy salads, I would highly recommend this bowl of goodness. Vegetarians and vegans, you can go crazy choosing your preferences. Look at my choice – Broccoli with Almond Flakes and Chilli, Baby Corn with Paprika, Pomegranate, Hummus, Garam Masala Chickpeas and Couscous with Raisins and Bell Peppers. And everything was rightly flavored and so tasty!
Customized Salad

Customized Salad at $11.90

3. Pita and Olives
Next we hit the ‘Pita and Olives’ stall. It is a Mediterranean-style bistro dishing out hearty food in the form of pita bread, kebabs and falafels. Their food is not new to me as I have reviewed them earlier which can be read here . They have closed their outlet at Tanjong Pagar and moved to Suntec City and serve some tasty dishes. I particularly like their Falafels and generally order their platter which can be shared by 2 pax. Their Hummus and Salad are delicious!

Mediterranean Platter

Mediterranean Veg Platter at $18

If you like rice for lunch or dinner, then go for their Pilaf Set which is filling and take falafels on the side.
Pilaf set with falafel

Pilaf set with falafel

4. Sarnies
Instead of the usual savory items, ‘Sarnies@Suntec’ serves coffee, pastries, tea and milkshakes. They also have the non-dairy form of drinks. Along with this they are selling ‘Cocowhip’ which is a vegan soft serve from Australia. This ice cream is made from coconut water and there is a pronounced coconut taste when you dig into it. You can choose your sauce toppings to give it a variety in flavour and I chose Burnt Caramel Sauce which was damn good!

Cocowhip vegan ice cream

Cocowhip vegan ice cream at Sarnies at $6.50

5. Squeezed
Last but not least, ‘Squeeezed’ serves some awesome fresh juices. An appropriate stall in this setting, especially with the Singapore weather. They serve cold-pressed juices packed with vitamins. I felt refreshed after drinking this juice.

Squeezed juice

Squeezed juice

For its central location, its variety of food stalls and decent lunch and dinner options, Pasarbella is worth visiting!

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Gourmet Food Stalls ★★★
Nearest MRT: Promenade
Address: Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-455 to 461 North Wing, Singapore 038983
Timings: Mon-Sun: 10am – 10pm

Ottoman Kebab and Grill – Science Park

[UPDATED on July 2017] – Ottoman Kebab and Grill has located to Science Park area (address mentioned in the end of this post). The Bedok Mall outlet is permanently closed.
One of the best aspects of Turkish cuisine is the fact that there is no dearth of options for vegetarians. During a random outing to Bedok Mall, I stumbled upon this hidden joint called Ottoman Kebab & Grill . It was quite unassuming but the exhaustive menu placed on the stand outside made me decide to give it a chance. Specially since it was a chance to have a Turkish meal on the East side of Singapore.

The Orders
For starters, we ordered the ‘Borek Platter’ which reminded me of spring rolls. They are the Turkish version – rolled baked pastries with a filling. In this platter, we got both the Potato Borek and Cheese Borek which were crispy and yummy. They are also good to set the tempo for the meal till the mains are served.

Borek platter

Borek platter at $8

Since we had heard about ‘Turkish coffee’ at the start of the meal, we were looking forward to tasting it. The unique presentation in a small cup had a distinct aroma and resembled a much finer version of the espresso. It is supposed to be sipped slowly for you to enjoy the taste fully.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee at $4

For the mains, we went for the ‘Falafel Pita Sandwich’ which was grilled to perfection. The falafels were deep-fried and crunchy. They are are dense and full of flavour. You will find it a little hard to eat but the spices and textures will make you swoon over it. The cucumber and tomato salad on the side is fresh and perfect to enjoy with this dish.
Falafel pita sandwich

Falafel pita sandwich at $6.90

The ‘Falafel Wrap’ is another variant to eat the crunchy falafels in the main course. This consisted of toasted tortilla served along with a salad. Highly recommended.
Falafel wrap

Falafel wrap at $6.90

Eggplant is widely used in Turkish cuisine and if you like it, you should try the ‘Vegetarian Mousakka’ which is a layered oven casserole dish made with eggplants, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. This was quite filling and tasty and all the veggies were well cooked and seasoned.
Vegetarian mousakka

Vegetarian mousakka at $7

It is difficult to nail the traditional desserts in Turkish cuisine. After tasting the ‘Kunefe’ here, I can say that personally for me , this is the best that I have had in Singapore. Kunefe is made from stretchy goat cheese encased in phyllo pastry and drizzled with sugar syrup and pistachio flakes. Every bite was literally poetry in motion. I highly recommend this dish to finish your meal. Since it is made fresh, it takes around 20 mins to be prepared, hence order it in advance.

Kunefe at $8.50

After the meal, I went personally to compliment the chef for the dessert and it was nice to talk to Head Chef Ali Kose who has previously worked with Gordon Ramsay. On the whole, for its extremely pocket-friendly prices, for delicious Turkish food and for it awesome Kunefe, do try Ottoman Kebab and Grill!

In a Nutshell Deelightful Rating
Cuisine Type: Turkish ★★★★
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge
Address: 2 Science Park Drive, #01-34 Savourworld, Singapore 118222
Timings: Mon-Fri: 11am – 8.30pm